SFM Holding

Building &Civil Construction

From foundation to final paint, pile cap to off shutter finish, SFM CONSTRUCTION through a team of highly experienced young professionals is in capacity to construct in time and deliver superstructures not limited to: (Housing, Commercial Buildings, Office Parks, Clinics, Schools and Civil Structures such as Bridges, Reservoirs, earthworks, Storm water and Roads.)

Building & Civil Refurbishments

SFM CONSTRUCTION carries out repairs and refurbishment to old buildings keeping them either with their original look or alterations can be made to give them a modern look and feel. Alterations can be made to the clients Specifications if agreed or a team at SFM  CONSTRUCTION can inspect the buildings and propose the most economical and efficient way of rehabilitating them

Property Development

We can do Land Development, Development of Offices and Commercial Buildings, Development of Residential Buildings, development of Shopping Complexes and Malls.